Lisa Mei Crowley

Lisa Mei Crowley

Lisa Mei is a retired Air Force Senior Master Sergeant turned conservative singer/songwriter. She is Co-Founder of BigDawg Media, LLC, an online radio station and directory of right-leaning artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs she and her partners "BigDawg" and Lisa Day, launched in August 2010 to help energize right-leaning culture warriors to use their craft to convey a positive message.

Articles by Lisa Mei Crowley

The Warrior Song Project Gives USAF Its Newest Fight Song

Just in time for Veterans Day, the talented singer/songwriter, producer and Founder of The Warrior Song Project, Sean Householder delivers his latest installment to his music video series honoring our Armed Forces, giving the United States Air Force one hell

The Warrior Song Project Gives USAF Its Newest Fight Song

Help Wanted: Conservative Culture Warriors to Battle the Left

Much like the two dogs facing off in the story about an Eskimo fisherman (the origin of “Two Wolves“), an epic battle rages across our homeland between two disparate cultural ideologies that ironically involves two “Mafias.” A question is posed at

Help Wanted: Conservative Culture Warriors to Battle the Left

Right Wing Music Radio Infiltrates CPAC 2013

In its 40 year history, the Conservative Political Action Conference has never, to our knowledge, had a radio station that exclusively showcases music and shows by Conservative/Libertarian artists and radio hosts broadcasting live from their “Radio Row.” Until now, that is.

Right Wing Music Radio Infiltrates CPAC 2013

'Rock the Red' Rebounds, Finds New Venue

“The rumors of (its) death have been greatly exaggerated.” ~ Mark Twain“Rock the Red 2012,” a Charlotte-based event touted as the “Queen City’s alternative to the DNC,” is indeed back on and is still slated for the original date of

'Rock the Red' Rebounds, Finds New Venue

BigDawg Radio to Offer 24/7 Conservative Music

In a recent article posted on Glenn Beck’s website entitled “Music and Art Pave the Way for a Cultural Restoration,” Beck says: It’s been a long time since anything in the culture really represented something that you believe in. The

BigDawg Radio to Offer 24/7 Conservative Music

Pro-American Band Madison Rising Rocks Occupiers' Open Mic Event

What happens when a pro-American rock band tries to infiltrate an “Occupy” event and is bold enough to sign up to perform on the event’s Open Mic Sign Up website? When Richard Mgrdechian, President & CEO of Terabit Media Corporation,

BigDawg Music Mafia Launches 'Operation Occupy Airwaves'

There are those in the “Lame Stream Media” who claim the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Movement is no different than the Tea Party Movement. The two could not be any farther apart. Unlike the highly dysfunctional OWS Movement, which spread

Stand With Gibson Guitars: Rally Planned For Oct. 8

So here we are ten months after the “shellacking” that took place during the November 2010 elections, thanks in large part to the TEA Party movement, and now the left-wing, State-run, “lamestream media” would have you believe the TEA Party

Musical Salute to Heroes of 9/11 and the Children Left Behind

A couple weeks ago my good friend and gifted songwriter/musician Andrew (BigDawg), Co-Founder of BigDawg Music Mafia, and I were tuned in to “America Akbar” on Radio Jihad Network, a weekly internet radio show hosted by our good friends Gadi

BigDawg Spotlight On: American Folk Blues Artist James Kole

We are often asked why we emphasize the fact that we promote conservative artists at BigDawg Music Mafia instead of encouraging artists to join and share non-political content and promoting them as artists period. Our answer is always the same.

'The Undefeated' Review: 'By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them'

Sarah Palin IS The Undefeated. By the time you finish watching this superbly scripted and produced two-hour documentary about the former Alaskan Governor, if you don’t come to that conclusion, you were either asleep during the film or you still

BigDawg Spotlight On: Patriot Rock/Americana Artist Chris Ross

Who is Chris Ross? Chris Ross Chris Ross is a great American, an amazingly gifted musician/singer-songwriter, and a superb conservative voice in the fight to save this great country. Upon hearing the first few bars of his song Freedom, I

BigDawg Spotlight On: Patriotic Singer/Songwriter Debbie K

The first time I heard the song See, Hear, Pray, by Debbie K and The Freedom Band, which has been featured on Glenn Beck’s 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally website and the national Support Our Troops website as well as other

BigDawg Spotlight On: Blues/Rock/R&B Artist Brian Futch

I first “met” Brian Futch online last November when he joined our site after learning about us from our Twitter account (gotta love new media) and immediately fell in love with his music. I was so impressed that I invited

Music Row Democrats: Still 'Love Him to Death' or Changing Their Tune?

How well do liberalism and Country Music mix? Here are my observations…I’ll let you decide… At the recent Kennedy Center Point of Lights Tribute event honoring George H.W. Bush for his efforts in promoting volunteerism, a reporter asked Grammy

We Will Not Submit: Conservative Musicians On the Move

As a follow-up to my debut piece, Conservative Culture Warriors Unite at BigDawg Music Mafia, I wanted to write another piece to let you all know that we’re really heating things up on the culture war front at BigDawg Music

Conservative Culture Warriors Unite At BigDawg Music Mafia

I recently read an article about country singer, Ray Stevens and all the great protest songs he’s been writing, producing, and performing at TEA Parties, conventions, rallies, etc. Guess what? He’s not alone. Enter…BigDawg Music Mafia – a free social