After Attacking Camerawoman, Chris Rock Lawyers Up

After Attacking Camerawoman, Chris Rock Lawyers Up

I have to tweak, just a little bit, this Hollywood Reporter article written by Paul Bond — one of the good guys. The repeated use of the word “allegedly” in the face of, uhm, video makes me laugh.

But not as hard as I’m laughing at Chris Rock, who is every inch the badass — you know, as long as his bodyguards and lawyers are around.

Yes, Mr. 1% — who, uhm, “allegedly” attacked a petite camerawoman as opposed to the actual MAN who asked him an inconvenient question, is now lawyering up instead of handling this like an adult:

Rock allegedly reacted to the man by snatching away his video camera, which was being operated by a woman, and hurling it across the room. Then he supposedly challenged the man to a fight.

What Rock didn’t know at the time was that the man, Jason Mattera, was writing a book on Hollywood hypocrisy, and Rock shouting, “Let’s throw down!” while standing behind a couple of burley bodyguards fit in perfectly with the author’s narrative of celebrities whose deeds don’t match their rhetoric.

Rock probably also didn’t realize that video of the encounter would be used to market the book, and that effort began Wednesday. Mattera, in fact, has video of several “A-list” celebrities, he told The Hollywood Reporter, and he’ll be rolling clips out piecemeal over several weeks.

“I confront them on statements they have made in the past that haven’t been challenged, or on the hypocrisy that I discuss in the book,” Mattera said. …

“He attacked my camerawoman,” Mattera said. “Oh, yeah, it was a funny sight to see. He was lunging at me but his bodyguards were blocking him. He was acting all big and bad with his bodyguards between us.”

A representative for Rock said the actor’s attorney was looking into the video.

What exactly is there to look into?

Chris Rock is obviously a menace to society. Not Hollywood society, where everyone thinks exactly alike, but in everyday society where he might be politely asked to back up his elitist, lying attacks against the everyday Americans who make up the Tea Party.

Remember when we liked Chris Rock? When he was actually a little edgy and brave? When he wasn’t an elitist?

Good times, good times.