Comedian Michael Ian Black Doubles Down on Conservative Hate

Comedian Michael Ian Black Doubles Down on Conservative Hate

Comedian Michael Ian Black is so proud of calling late Internet publisher Andrew Breitbart “a despicable human being” he Tweeted me so I could read what he said about my late boss.

Black, a comedian best known for his collaborations with David Wain (“Wanderlust”), apparently read yesterday’s Big Hollywood post dissecting his limp defense of Bill Maher’s Palin-hating spiels.

So Black fired up the following Tweet to yours truly:

Michael Ian Black Tweet March 12

Somehow, Black’s celebrity death column hadn’t hit my news radar. It has now.

What a shame that a comedian sees someone with a different ideological perspective as a “despicable human being.” Andrew had plenty of friends from across the proverbial aisle. Just ask “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane.

Of course, Black likely considers himself part of the Left’s Clown Nose On/Off brigade, a group which makes ugly, incendiary comments only to later fall back and claim, “hey, I’m a comedian … back off.”

Did his celebrity death column contain a single funny line? Clown nose off, for the time being.

The saddest part is how proud Black is of his column. Did he know my connection to Andrew? Does he care that Andrew left behind four children and a devoted wife? What if they happen upon his column? Anything funny about that?

Has Black read any of the avalanche of heartfelt tributes to Andrew in the days and weeks following his death?

Likely not. Black knew Andrew debunked power players on the Left and probably read a few biased accounts of the Shirley Sherrod affair. That let him screw up the courage to call a dead man “despicable.”