Hollywood Producer Mocks Obama's Fairness Obsession

Hollywood Producer Mocks Obama's Fairness Obsession

“Back to the Future” producer Bob Gale has had enough of all this fairness talk from President Barack Obama.

Gale, a contributor to Big Hollywood, shared his frustrations – with tongue firmly in cheek – over at PJ Media:

Lately, President Obama has been talking a lot about “fairness.” He wants to make our society more “fair.”  I was raised a bit differently than the president, so I’ve been struggling with this concept … the 10th Commandment says, “Thou shalt not covet anything that is thy neighbor’s.” Obviously, if everyone had exactly the same stuff, there would be no reason to covet anything, and thus no point in having such a commandment. So even God recognized that life was unfair.

But here’s the president saying he wants to make life more fair. So I, as a patriotic American, would like to offer some suggestions toward attaining that goal….

The other night, my wife and I were watching a rerun of the classic film “Gilda.” As Rita Hayworth did her sultry number “Put the Blame on Mame,” my wife said, “It should be illegal for any woman to be that beautiful….” Let’s face it, unequal beauty has been a serious women’s issue since the days of Snow White. So as much as I hate to suggest it, the president can do something about this unfairness: create National Disfigurement Clinics. When a girl turns 17, she’ll be given a beauty rating by a government board. If she’s too beautiful, she’ll be sent to a clinic where she’ll have a limb amputated, or have acid thrown in her face, or receive 3rd degree burns, just to equalize things for the girls who aren’t as beautiful.

What could be more fair?


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