Saturday Night Live: Criminals Are Black

Saturday Night Live: Criminals Are Black

So now “Saturday Night Live” has revealed that down deep, inside their own bubble of liberalism, they’re really racist.

“SNL” and guest host Josh Brolin recently offered a skit titled “The Californians,” a soap-opera parody that spoofed Los Angelenos for their obsession with beating traffic and for speaking in unintelligible English. All of the characters were Caucasian except for the maid, who was Hispanic. But just as the spoof came to a close, a character emerged who had escaped from the Chino Correctional Facility.

Now, if you didn’t see Americans as one ethnic group or color at a time, which the multiculturalist leftists do, what would such a character look like? Remember, you don’t want him to stand out, because you’d be stigmatizing an entire race if you did. (At least, that’s what the arbiters of PC tell us.)

Why, you’d make him Caucasian, of course. Why distinguish the criminal by his race? And, of course, as one of the bastions of liberalism in the media, we can safely assume that “SNL” would follow the rules they preach.

But … no. The criminal was black. And here we thought after the Trayvon Martin incident, where a young black man was suspected of being violent, we shouldn’t stereotype anyone. Especially someone black.

But in true liberal manner, “SNL” apparently has one set of rules for everyone else and one for themselves.