Comedian Who Called Palin 'B*tch' Helps Launch Latinos for Obama

Comedian Who Called Palin 'B*tch' Helps Launch Latinos for Obama

Guess all that “War on Women” stuff is old news in the corrupt MSM now that the Left lost that battle.

Beltway Confidential:

President Obama is reaching out to the Hispanic community today, launching a website specifically for Latinos. …

Tonight, the site encourages Hispanics to host an online party with Hispanic comedian George Lopez, who in 2007, controversially lashed out at ABC for cancelling his network comedy show.

“So a Chicano can’t be on TV, but a caveman can?” Lopez said at the time, referring to the networks short-lived Caveman show, “And a Chicano with an audience already?”

“TV just became really, really white again,” he added.

Like we needed a reminder George Lopez is both a race-obsessed crybaby and not funny.

Lopez’s shilling for His Precious One didn’t stop there. Yesterday, there was a conference call:

A highlight of the Latinos for Obama house parties across the nation was a phone call from comedian George Lopez.

“Getting kind of a cheerleading thing coming from him was pretty awesome,” Delia says. “He told us about how during the last campaign, he was told Senator Obama would call him at 2:15 p.m. He was watching him on TV, saying ‘Oh yeah, like he’s gonna call me.’ And sure enough, the phone rang. That might be just one personal story, but it points to the President’s character.”

Did you hear that!?

Did you!?

Obama’s phone call came on time!

His phone call came on time!

His phone call came on time!

Did the seas rise?

TRANSLATION: Things are so awful in America that Lopez is reduced to giving Obama credit for doing what he’s supposed to do.

I happen to be married to a Mexican woman who was born in Mexico, and without asking her I can tell you that she would find this kind sales job patronizing as hell.

What my lovely “Hispanic voter” (who bleeds red, white, and blue) is looking for is a job and for everyone to wait patiently and legally in the immigration line, just like she did. 

P.S. To The MSM: On national cable television, George Lopez called Governor Sarah Palin a bitch. But you won’t care about that because you’re corrupt to the core.


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