Who's Out of Touch? -Baldwin Says Obama Re-Election 'In the Bag'

Who's Out of Touch? -Baldwin Says Obama Re-Election 'In the Bag'

Memo to Alec Baldwin – it’s time to surf away from MSNBC.

The star of the low-rated “30 Rock” sitcom appeared on that liberal news network last night to share his thoughts on the upcoming presidential election.

Forgive me for not putting the word “thoughts” in scare quotes the first time ’round. Won’t happen again.

Baldwin opened the Democratic Talking Points playbook on cue and told the network’s intimate audience that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney is out of touch.

So far, so depressingly predictable. But Baldwin quickly showed how out of touch he is when it comes to the real world of presidential politics.

“These guys are really, really getting scared. They know it’s not looking good for them,” Baldwin said of the GOP. “…And Obama, it’s starting to look like he has it in the bag.”

Never mind the pathetic economic recovery, or the president’s weak approval rating or the fact that most recent presidential polls have the two candidates essentially neck and neck. Or that even Obama apologists like Arianna Huffington are calling his ball-spiking actions regarding the death of Osama bin Laden “despicable,” while Washington Post‘s liberal columnist Dana Milbank dubbed Obama’s non-stop campaigning “sleazy.” 

Who’s out of touch? A presidential nominee looking to restore American prosperity, or an actor so insulated from a flat-lining economy he can’t admit an incumbent president might have a tussle come fall?


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