Age of Obama: Comedy Central Web Series Taunts Jobless Millennials

Age of Obama: Comedy Central Web Series Taunts Jobless Millennials

Comedy Central employees like Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and Jordan Peele have a devil of a time mocking President Barack Obama or his stuck in a ditch economy.

Now, the network is debuting a new Web-only series of shorts focusing on Millennials moving back with their parents because they can’t make ends meet.

Welcome to Obama’s economy, one where young people (the president’s demographic sweet spot) find jobs increasingly harder to find. But at least it gives comedians an oh, so indirect way to taunt the current administration – even if they refuse to name check it.

The new series, “Growing Up and Getting Out,” debuts today and features comedian Michael Palascak as a economically stuck millennial who moves back home with his parents (Dave Koechner and Mo Collins). Other series cast members include Alexis Knapp (“Project X”), Allyn Rachel, Daveo Mathias and “The League’s” Steve Rannazissi as the series host.

Future episodes include “Dinner” (July 23); “Chores” (July 30); “Date” (August 6) and “Video Games” (August 13).

Comedy Central, aware of the state of the economy even if their folks refuse to mock the man responsible for it, is teaming up with KFC for a promotional tie-in/contest meant to pay some winners’ rent. The digital series site’s visitors are asked to share pictures and stories that “express the humorous side of living at home with their parents.” Five winners will be chosen to receive $12,000 or “rent for the year.”


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