Nickelodeon Standing By Cyber Bully Jason Biggs

Nickelodeon Standing By Cyber Bully Jason Biggs

Nickelodeon, the kids’ TV channel, apparently sees no problem with directing children to the Twitter feed of one of its voiceover stars, Jason Biggs – even if Biggs tweets reprehensible things about the anuses of conservative political women like Janna Ryan, wife of VP candidate Paul Ryan. It would be difficult to describe Biggs’ tweets as anything other than the worst sort of cyberbullying. But Nickelodeon doesn’t seem to care.

They don’t seem to care, even though one of their biggest initiatives is their Anti-Bullying Initiative. The website for that initiative insists, “Bullying doesn’t have to happen in person. Sometimes bullies will say hurtful things on the Internet. It’s important to also learn about cyberbullying!” Not only that – Nickelodeon encourages you to “Stand up for someone that you see being bullied and tell an adult about the problem.”

In that spirit, it’s time for Americans to get active and tell the adult in the room – Nickelodeon – about the problem. In fact, our Managing Editor, Alex Marlow, has already emailed West Coast Vice President Ariana Urbont:


I’m an editor for Breitbart News.  Recently, one of your employees, Jason Biggs, tweeted to his 100,000+ twitter followers misogynist remarks about the anuses of two prominent Republican women, Janna Ryan and Ann Romney.  As of now, Nickelodeon has not made a public statement against the actions of Mr. Biggs.  I would like to offer you the opportunity to get on the record regarding these tweets.  If not, the public can safely assume that you are standing by Mr. Biggs.

Some quick questions:

-Do you intend to go forward with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle reboot with Biggs as the voice of Leonardo?

-Do you believe Mr. Biggs’ cyber-bullying of conservative women compromises your company’s anti-bullying efforts?

-Do you believe Jason Biggs’ misogynist tweets about conservative women will alienate families who watch your programming?

-If Jason Biggs had tweeted about Michelle Obama’s anus, would he be able to keep his job with you?

Some details here:

Thank you.

If you want to join Alex in emailing Ms. Urbont to express your feelings, feel free to try her at


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