Obama: Unqualified Then, Disqualified Now

Obama: Unqualified Then, Disqualified Now

We all must absolutely acknowledge and accept the fact that president Obama came into office at a time when our economy was in an extremely troubled and difficult state. Things were bad, no doubt about it. It is a fact that the Democrats like to constantly remind us of, and they are right. But that was then, and this is now.

One cannot deny and must also accept and acknowledge that Obama was a man who had only run the Harvard Law Review for a short time, was an Illinois state senator with no considerable accomplishments, and was only a two year US senator with no considerable accomplishment. He was totally unqualified to tackle the very serious challenges our country faced with regards to the economy, or anything else for that matter.

One would think that to become the leader of the most powerful nation on earth, at the very least, you would have to have some kind of a background in leadership. A history of some serious accomplishment. Some experience in business or running a company. Of providing jobs. Of doing something significant. Anything! Yet, this president had not done much of anything at all that would suggest he could face the monumental challenges of being the President of the United States. 

But the mainstream media decided they wanted to help to elect the first African-American president over the first woman president, and so they ignored his lack of qualifications for the job, placed a halo around his head, and handed him the keys to the White House. They turned their backs on their beloved Hillary and gave Obama more support. 

They glossed over his deceptive tactics (“Shame on you, Barack Obama,” as Hillary shouted) and pushed him towards becoming the first Democratic African-American nominee for president.

Then, during the general, for every positive story there was about Obama, there were forty negative stories about McCain/Palin. The main stream media did not do their job in vetting this president. They, and the world, fell under the Obama spell. I mean, a Nobel peace prize?Come on! For what? What did he do people? 

Surely, if Obama, with his unimpressive and sometimes suspect background, had been a Republican he would never have gotten the nomination. But we know how the media works and who they support. And it isn’t the Republicans.

The president continues to blame others for an economy in free fall. Over 8% unemployment. A snails pace of job creation. National debt soaring towards infinity and beyond. On and on.The facts are the facts. He, and his administration are unqualified to lead us out of the hole that we are in. A hole that they have made even deeper than before they took office. 

On Fox News the other day, Bob Beckel said that Mitt Romney did not come across as presidential but only came across like a CEO. Well, do we need a guy who ran the Harvard Law Review to help turn around our ailing economy Bob? Or do we need a CEO?

A person who actually understands business because that is a world he has succeeded in? 

We have now reached an additional 6 TRILLION dollars in debt under this president — $16 trillion total. He has never had to balance a book in his life!  Who better than a business person to try to lead us out of that? The future of our country is at stake here!

So, now where do we find ourselves? Will the American people do the right thing and, as Clint Eastwood says, “let him go” for his inability to provide the leadership we need to move us in the right direction? Or will we once again fall prey to the slogans and the rhetoric and the speech making and the campaigning and the demonizing of his opponent and walk blindly into four more years of Obama’s ineffective and destructive policies?

I hope that our people will start looking at the facts and make the right decision. If every person who didn’t vote for Obama can open the eyes of one person who did, and get them to vote for Romney/Ryan, this country may have a chance. Again, as Clint says, “We own this country. The politicians are our employees.” So let’s fire the unqualified and failed guy we have now, hire a new guy who’s had real leadership and business experience, and give our children and grandchildren a chance.


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