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Theaters Battle Bloomberg Nanny State Soda Ban

Theaters Battle Bloomberg Nanny State Soda Ban

Movie theater chains might find their profits slimming in New York City thanks to Big Apple Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Mr. Nanny State himself recently declared large sodas “illegal,” a move supposedly meant to reduce the waistlines of his fellow New Yorkers.

The law is absurd for all the obvious reasons – consumers can simply order two smaller drinks, and Americans should have the freedom to drink as much pop in any size container they desire.

Now, some movie chains are fighting back before the legislation is officially approved.

Chains like Regal and AMC are festooned with “Say No” banners and posters attacking the mayor’s proposal to keep them from selling sugary drinks of more than 16 ounces and urging citizens to take action.They also are running anti-ban commercials before their featured films.

Movie chains rely heavily on refreshment and candy sales to make ends meet, so the soda ban could have a serious effect on their profits. And, if the New York City ban takes hold, other cities might follow suit.


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