Adam Carolla Defends Big Oil: Why Are They the Enemy?

Adam Carolla Defends Big Oil: Why Are They the Enemy?

It’s clear spending time with Dennis Prager is having an effect on Adam Carolla.

The podcast king’s series of two-man shows with the conservative Prager have helped shape the former’s political opinions.

This week, Carolla ranted about Elizabeth Warren’s speech at the DNC and how she demonized Big Oil for daring to make a profit.

“The system is rigged,” Warren told the crowd about oil companies “guzzling” obscene profits.

Carolla begged to differ.

In California, the state gets 66 cents per gallon while Exxon receives 6 cents in profit, he said, quoting Prager.

“Who’s the greedy, thirsty mongers that are guzzling the profits down? These are corporations. They employ people. They make jobs. They have hundreds of thousands of employees. They pay billions in taxes … why are they the enemy? Why do we have to go, ‘Big Oil’ and ‘Big Pharmaceutical?’

“Bryan, you’re here because of Big Pharmaceutical,” Carolla said, referring to podcast regular Bryan Bishop who suffers from a brain tumor held at bay by the latest medical treatments.

“What’s the part where we have to demonize everybody and every corporation that makes a living … What should Exxon do, pack it up? Wouldn’t California be out millions of dollars?”

“What would [Warren] like? Would you like Exxon to get 2 cents [per gallon]. Elizabeth, where should it be? Should Exxon pay us?”

Somewhere, Prager is having a good laugh hearing his disciple in action.


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