Celebrities Pledge Allegiance to Barack Obama

Celebrities Pledge Allegiance to Barack Obama

We already know most Hollywood denizens are in the tank for President Barack Obama, no matter the facts on the ground.

Foreign policy debacles. A broken economy. Soaring gas prices. Shattered promise atop shattered promise. Class warfare.

Now, some of Tinsel Town’s prettiest people, including Jessica Alba and “Avengers” star Scarlett Johansson, are pledging allegiance – not to the U.S., but to their oh, so wonderful leader.

Here’s a campaign e-mail Obama supporters received this week:

Growing up, my classmates and I started every day with a ritual: We’d stand up, put our right hand over our hearts, and say the Pledge of Allegiance.

To me, that gesture was a promise. A promise to be involved and engaged in this country’s future. A promise to work for liberty and justice — and for affordable education, health care, and equality — for all.

That’s why all across the country, people like you and I are proudly writing down our reasons for getting involved, and then taking the pledge — to vote.

This election will have consequences for everyone. Rich, poor, black, white, Hispanic, Asian American, gay or straight, every American has something to lose — and something to gain — from what happens this November. As Americans, we’re in this together, for one and for all.

So let your friends and family know you care, and make sure they have all the information they need to make their voices heard in this election. 


Jessica Alba

P.S. — Make sure you’re ready to vote this fall. Putting your hand over your heart is making a promise. Casting your ballot is keeping it.


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