'Seinfeld' Star Theorizes Romney Stiffed Mormon Church

'Seinfeld' Star Theorizes Romney Stiffed Mormon Church

“Seinfeld” alum Jason Alexander has been waging war against the Right via Twitter for some weeks now.

The actor’s latest verbal volley brings up the Left’s laziest attack on Mitt Romney. Yes, liberals are still obsessed with Romney’s taxes, all the while ignoring the Failure in Chief’s latest economic numbers.

Alexander Tweeted, without an ounce of evidence, why Romney won’t release an avalanche of his tax records.

Alexander Tweet

Surely Alexander must know the Romneys have been very generous with their money through the years, while President Obama’s charitable donations have depended on his political fortunes.

No matter. When you’re a Hollywood liberal supporting four more years of a failed president, any attack with do – regardless of how far fetched it might be.


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