Sarah Silverman Slams Voter ID Law in Profanity-Laced Video

Sarah Silverman Slams Voter ID Law in Profanity-Laced Video

Let my People vote, the group whose purpose is to fight voter registration laws, has released a new attack video featuring more profanity-laced rants by shock comic Sarah Silverman.

It’s hugely ironic that a group whose name is derived from the ancient Jewish desire to be free and serve God should feature a Jewish woman who betrays her people by mouthing curse words straight from the sewer.

Here’s a sample:

“Because there are these brand-new super f****d-up voter laws which are presented as away to prevent voter fraud but are, in fact, designed to make it harder for specific people to vote: black people, elderly people, poor people, and students. Hmm … wonder whatthose demographics have in common. (Pointing to a picture of Obama) They’re probably gonna vote for this guy. Hey, it’s for our own protection to prevent voter fraud. Oh yeah, all that crazy voter fraud going around … there’s so much fraud around … that free and anonymous civil right … you know, a lot of these laws require you to have a state-issued picture ID like a driver’s license, but more than 21 million Americans don’t have drivers’ licenses.”

Then Silverman explains that gun permits can be used for ID, and with a sweet old lady sitting next to her, explains that now “Nana” can get a gun so she can vote.

Silverman continues:

“By taking that step to make sure you have the proper ID to vote, you’ll be making your voice heard, but more importantly, you’ll be telling those mother****** they can f****** f*** themselves. Don’t let those a******s steal your vote.”

It’s always interesting when people steal the “Let My People Go” phrase from the Bible to serve their own purposes. It’s even more interesting when they purposely ignore the second part of the statement from God: “Let my people go so they can serve Me.”

The Democratic Party shut out God and Israel at the DNC. If Silverman thinks she is serving God by using her foul language, she’s the perfect fit for the Democratic Party.


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