Expedia Comes Out For Same-Sex Marriage

Expedia Comes Out For Same-Sex Marriage

Expedia is all-in for gay marriage. What else is the American public to take from their latest web video, featuring an elderly man coming to terms with his daughter’s lesbianism by traveling to her same-sex wedding? “This is not the dream I had for my daughter,” he narrates. “Coming out to the wedding from back east, I had some real apprehensions about it. What’s this going to look like, two girls getting married? You have to make a decision. Are you going to have a daughter that you’re going to maintain a very wonderful relationship with for the rest of your life? Or are you going to lose that child?

“All that trepidation just seemed to go away. That was a big turning point. Walking Jill down the aisle … Judy and I were just swelling with emotion. You come to terms with it and you say it’s a very natural order of things in your life, and it’s supposed to be that way.”

The ad is dramatically lit, beautifully shot, and includes a full-out same-sex wedding. Naturally, the women getting married are attractive. One imagines that Expedia would be less likely to use unattractive females; both were featured on “The Real L Word.” Jill Goldstein, the protagonist’s daughter, describes herself as “sexually fluid.” “Find your understanding,” says the tagline.

It’s doubtful that conservatives will treat Expedia with the same brutality with which liberals treated Chick-Fil-A.