Streisand Pens Panicked Fundraising Letter for Democrats

Streisand Pens Panicked Fundraising Letter for Democrats

Memories, like the corners of my mind … misty watercolor memories … of the way we were … scattered liberals … who united in ’08 … now the coalition’s dying … was it all a blur …

Yes, Babs, it was. Stop your screaming – calm down; you’re still worth $340 million. 

Barbra Streisand, who boasts a double-digit IQ along with a blind (actually in reality, cross-eyed) affinity for liberal causes, has taken it upon herself to lecture the entire Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) mailing list with an “emergency” email urging all of those liberals to cough up their last dollar:

The Democratic Party urgently needs your help. We’re just weeks from the most important election in a generation and every single thing Democrats like you and I spent a lifetime fighting for is on the line. Republican Super PACs are pounding President Obama and Democratic candidates with millions of dollars of vicious attack ads. And, they could tip the balance of the election for Tea Party extremists. That would be a disaster for America and we can’t let it happen. We must close the funding gap, It’s up to you and me to make this happen. Please rush an emergency contribution right away while there’s still time. President Obama needs a new Democratic Majority to get America moving again.

Yup — those dern pore Tea Party Extremists have somehow jimmied the lock to America’s heart and hornswoggled those ignorant American voters.

Matt Philbin, Managing Editor of the Culture and Media Institute, wryly noted: “They can read the poll numbers as well as anyone, and their guy is losing ground. Plus, celebrities are nothing if not superficial, and a big part of Obama’s appeal to them has been charisma. The ‘optics’ of the first presidential debate must have been jarring.”

And Keff Roe, GOP Political Consultant and founder of Axiom Strategies, commented on liberals’ distress, saying the chance that Obama may lose triggers celebrities to “pull out all the stops to prevent a family-oriented, business-oriented, wholesome individual to the Office of the President. When Hollywood liberals begin to panic, you know you are doing something right.”

Streisand isn’t alone; Eva Longoria, an Obama campaign co-chair, last week retweeted a vulgar message aimed at GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

Hate to Rain on Streisand’s Parade, but Obama’s coalition isn’t Evergreen anymore; People don’t believe Obama’s the Greatest Star any more. No More Tears, Babs; as those dumb benighted Tea Parties and their fellow Americans will tell you about Obama, Enough is Enough.


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