YouTube Threatens to Censor 'FrackNation' Commercial

YouTube Threatens to Censor 'FrackNation' Commercial

The Left routinely attempts to stifle debate via a variety of means. Liberals picket conservative speakers at colleges so folks like Ann Counter can’t share their views with impressionable students. MSNBC anchors play the race card against GOP figures to discredit and diminish their arguments, making them unsuitable for public consideration.

Could YouTube be attempting something similar with the makers of the pro-fracking documentary “FrackNation?”

The film’s co-director, Ann McElhinney tells Breitbart News that the popular video site may pull one of the film’s effective commercials.

YouTube sent a warning to [co-director Phelim] McAleer and McElhinney, on January 7, informing them that a complaint was filed about a “potential privacy violation” in a trailer for their documentary. The only people identified in the advertisement are the Sautners, both of whom are arguably public figures.

“FrackNation” will play 9 p.m. EST Jan. 22 on AXS TV.