Golden Globes Heap More Awards on 'Game Change'

Golden Globes Heap More Awards on 'Game Change'

Any objective viewer would tell you the HBO telefilm “Game Change” was a mess, a poorly orchestrated hit piece on Sarah Palin that bordered on parody while pretending to tell a political cautionary tale.

That isn’t stopping the entertainment industry from heaping award atop award on the film.

Tonight, the Golden Globes gave “Game Change” three major prizes – best television movie/miniseries, best actor and best actress in a television movie or miniseries.

The film previously won a bevy of Emmys in those same categories. Now, it’s the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s turn to heap honors on a project for purely partisan reasons.

Julianne Moore, who used her Emmy speech to knock Palin, did it again tonight. She gave shout outs to both Tina Fey, whose Palin imitation was used by the press to belittle the popular governor, and Katie Couric, the interviewer whose biased queries helped damage Palin’s chances to become Vice President.

Can you imagine a reporter ever asking a Democrat what newspapers he or she reads?

Hollywood product continues to thumb its nose at half the country, and the people who vote for the industry’s biggest awards are only too eager to do the same.

It’s not about art, or quality, or achievement. It’s about scoring points. The folks who should really be sore this evening are the other nominees squaring off against “Game Change.” They didn’t stand a chance.


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