'SNL' Vet Norm Macdonald Bullied Into Silence for Being Religious

'SNL' Vet Norm Macdonald Bullied Into Silence for Being Religious

Norm Macdonald, the Canadian comedian best known for his days manning the Saturday Night Live anchor desk, unleashed the beast last night after he tweeted that he was religious and believed most people read Scripture.

Atheists came out in force to bully him on Twitter, and this morning Macdonald deleted his pro-religion tweets. Twitchy documented the brief war on Twitter. The battle was joined after a fan of MacDonald’s tweeted to him:

is the PGA tour becoming the bible club of pro sports norm? Cuz this guy just said on Nat. TV he read scriptures today! Wtf?

MacDonald, honestly surprised, tweeted back:

What’s surprising about that? Don’t most people study the scriptures

I know most pga tour golfers do.

Then the atheists started coming after him:

Aww man. Streelman is one of those, God, scripture, and peace pussies… Wife was a sexy but that shit ain’t cool.

I think most people study the scriptures. Most people seem smart to me.”. I like a good fairy tale.

hell, I hope not. I have ‘faith’ in rational thinking humans.

You are a fellow Canuck, your brother works for the ?#CBC, you cant be religious!

MacDonald responded: Of course I am. Most people are.

One atheist tweeted: Religion is the worst thing to ever happen to this planet.

MacDonald: That’s about as stupid a comment as I’ve ever heard

Another atheist: Religion has also caused more human deaths than any one thing ever.

MacDonald: Nonsense. Heart disease. You cannot be that stupid. It is impossible. Must be joking.

Even after other fans of Macdonald defended him, he backed away this morning.

Looks like he deleted his tweets. Bummer. MT ?@TwitchyTeam: Comedian Norm MacDonald believes in God; Atheists.

Atheists and secularists won’t be satisfied until they bully every last religious person into silence. And as Macdonald could tell you, that’s not funny at all.


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