Rocker Flea Says McDonald's Burger Chain 'Evil'

Rocker Flea Says McDonald's Burger Chain 'Evil'

The McDonald’s fast food chain offers burgers, fries and drinks at reasonable prices, and while consumers won’t stay fit gorging on its fattiest fare no one forces them to hit that drive-thru lane.

Tell that to Flea, the excitable bassist from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Either the musician got one very bad McRib sandwich or he’s just another liberal who doesn’t like the free choices available in the marketplace. He sent out this stark tweet today about a certain burger chain:

McDonalds want to put you down, keep you down, and make billions doing it. They are evil

Social media denizens quickly retorted to Flea’s comment, commending the chain’s Ronald McDonald House charities for decades of noble work. One could also hail the chain for offering plenty of hard-working Americans their first taste of employment.

McDonald’s offers healthier menu options for those offended by the caloric count of your average Big Mac. it’s up to the customer, not Flea’s idea of what a hamburger chain should or shouldn’t sell, whether we deserve a break today.


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