Dave Caves: Letterman Lets Loose on Obama, NSA

Dave Caves: Letterman Lets Loose on Obama, NSA

There is no better sign of a scandal getting serious then when your most loyal supporters turn on you.

If the White House has been monitoring The Late Show with David Letterman with the same scrutiny reserved for our e-mails and phone calls,today they are in full panic mode. 

After almost four and a half years of Letterman avoiding Obama jokes like they were a girlfriend’s phone calls while the in-laws are visiting, the host finally gave in and ruined a nearly perfect record.

Sure, the audience had to endure a long, apologetic rant in the front of the monologue with Letterman saying he really doesn’t care about the NSA snooping and wondering why a whistleblower concerned about an intrusive government could move to China. He eventually got a couple good ones off on the President:

It’s either indicative of how far the mounting scandals have finally gone, or maybe Letterman just got wind of how his show did in the May sweeps.


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