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One Final Insult: Leno Beats Letterman In Finale Ratings

The loss of “The Tonight Show” to Jay Leno in 1992 came not only to define David Letterman the man but also the slow-motion collapse of a career defined by Letterman’s anger and bitterness over the loss. Leno not only won Carson’s seat,


CBS Throws Letterman’s Set and Show In the Dumpster

Anyone looking for proof that David Letterman overstayed his welcome by at least a decade need look no further than the news just hours after Letterman’s farewell show broadcast Thursday night. If you bought into all the elite media hype


Letterman: I’m Being Forced Out Because I Gave $75K to the Clinton Foundation

Tuesday on CBS’s “The Late Show,” during his monologue host David Letterman took a shot at ABC News host George Stephanopoulos for the controversy over his previously undisclosed Clinton Foundation donations while reporting on that subject. “Well, ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow,


Johnny Carson Worried David Letterman Would ‘Self Destruct’

On Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show, talent coordinator Jim McCawley’s job was to root through comedy clubs for fresh standup meat. On a November in ‘78, he suggested I stick around to catch the intense young man awaiting the cue to uncork his initial six-minute chunk before his idol.


Olbermann on Letterman: Grateful ESPN Suspension Happened

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann appeared as a guest on CBS’s “The Late Show” on Tuesday and was asked by host David Letterman about his recent suspension from ESPN. Olbermann told Letterman that he was actually grateful for his suspension because he was

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Another Tall Tale From Brian Williams? Seal Team Six Claim Disputed

More trouble for NBC’s Brian Williams. In 2012, he told David Letterman: “I flew into Baghdad, invasion plus three days, on a blackout mission at night with elements of SEAL Team Six,” but at that time he was based in, and apparently didn’t leave, Kuwait.