Bill Cosby Calls Voting Rights Act Ruling 'Egregious'

Bill Cosby Calls Voting Rights Act Ruling 'Egregious'

Comedian Bill Cosby took to his Facebook page this week to express concern for the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the Voting Rights Act.

The Court struck down a part of the nearly 60-year-old act which required approval from the Justice Department or a federal court in Washington prior to making any changes in how elections are held. The legislation was originally installed to protect against discriminatory voting procedures, particular in states where racial injustice once flourished.

To Cosby, the fight against the court’s actions has only just begun.

To the people voicing and acting on their disapproval of the elimination of the protective clause in the Voting Rights Act, I applaud you. To people who feel that the Supreme Court vote is wrong, be proactive against the Court’s egregious ruling.