Jane Fonda: 'Couldn't Resist' Playing Nancy Reagan in New Film

Jane Fonda: 'Couldn't Resist' Playing Nancy Reagan in New Film

Jane Fonda, the actress and activist famous for opposing everything that Ronald and Nancy Reagan stood for, recently said that when she was offered the role of Nancy Reagan in a new White House-based movie, she just “couldn’t resist” taking the role.

“The idea that I could play Nancy Reagan was just too much to resist,” Fonda says in a promotion clip for the upcoming film Lee Daniels’ The Butler. “I thought it would be fun to play her.”

In the clip, Fonda says “I know people say, ‘Oh my gosh, Jane Fonda is playing Nancy Reagan.’ But I don’t think that whatever difference there might be in our politics really matters. As an actor, I approach her as a human being.”

Fonda also says that she has heard that Nancy Reagan is “not unhappy” she is being portrayed by Fonda, a long-time left-wing activist.

Lee Daniels’ The Butler, starring Forest Whitaker, follows the long career of a White House butler who served eight presidents and who survived the civil rights movement and a fractured family life along the way. The movie, a biography, is centered on the life of real White House butler Cecil Gaines who worked at the People’s House from 1952 to 1986.

The film opens across the country on August 16.