'South Park' Hammers ObamaCare Site, Miley Cyrus

'South Park' Hammers ObamaCare Site, Miley Cyrus

Comedy Central’s South Park often tackles topics few other comic outlets dare touch.

Wednesday, the show hammered ObamaCare after both Saturday Night Live and late night comics had their way with the law’s beleaguered web site.

Only South Park could fuse a scathing attack on an arrogant health care reboot with a commentary on former child stars sexing up their image.

The new episode Taming Strange finds Kyle worried about the odd behavior of his little brother, Ike. The lad appears to be going through “Canadian Puberty,” a joke line that drags the Canadian health care system into the plot.

At the boys’ school, counselor Mr. Mackey is having his own troubles using the building’s new “Intellilink” system, a program meant to streamline all the students’ mental health needs. Click a button to schedule an appointment and the school lights shut off. Visit the program’s menu for a child’s health status and cheesy ’80s music is piped into the building.

It’s ObamaCare’s web site all over again. The episode even includes a hapless Kathleen Sebelius character who is summarily fired for incompetence. 

Meanwhile, Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba! is looking to shed her kiddie image in grand Miley Cyrus fashion, and Ike becomes her new, sexually ravenous manager.

By the end, we’re told that rushing our entry into adulthood, be it via Ike’s nasty new verbiage of Foofa’s provocative attire, is a mistake. So, too, is relying on a web site to conquer a massive need.

“Anyone who thinks streamlining health care into an integrated system would go smoothly deserves a queef in their face,” one character says in grand South Park style.


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