Paul Walker of 'Fast and Furious' Still Alive as Car Burst in Flames

Paul Walker of 'Fast and Furious' Still Alive as Car Burst in Flames

A Los Angeles County coroner’s report indicated that Fast and Furious actor Paul Walker was still alive after a car accident, before the car burst into flames last month in Valencia, California. 

Walker and friend Roger Rodas, who was driving the Porsche Carrera GT supercar at 100 mph when he lost control of the vehicle, were both killed and burned beyond recognition.

The coroner’s report stated that the actor died of a combination of traumatic injuries from the impact of the crash and injuries sustained in the subsequent fire. Walker’s injuries were numerous. His jaw, collar bone, elbow, several ribs, and pelvis were all broken. He also suffered a spinal fracture. Rodas, too, sustained multiple traumatic injuries in the crash that left the car, according to police, “almost split it half.”

Walker and Rodas did not test positive for alcohol or drug consumption, so the collision that took their lives was ruled an accident. Although the final cause of the accident has not been determined by Santa Clarita sheriff’s investigators, speed appears to have played a role.

Subsequently, two men pleaded not guilty in connection with stealing part of the Porsche supercar that Walker and Rodas crashed. The men, according to the district attorney’s office, had been warned by the sheriff not to remove any part of the car. However, they allegedly came back to the scene of the accident, removed the T-top panel of the car’s roof, and hauled it away.