Quentin Tarantino Sues Over Linking to His Leaked Script

Quentin Tarantino Sues Over Linking to His Leaked Script

Director Quentin Tarantino knows how to stage a revenge saga. Just consider films like Kill Bill and Django Unchained as blood-soaked exhibits A and B.

Now, the Oscar winner is seeking just that against a web site he says helped spread his recently leaked script to the masses, but his weapon of choice is a lawsuit.

Last week, Tarantino announced he would be putting his new western Hateful Eight on the shelf after someone associated with the production leaked the script. When decided to link to the leaked script, the director decided to act.

Soon afterwards, Gawker’s Defamer blog linked to the 146 page script under a post titled, “​Here Is the Leaked Quentin Tarantino Hateful Eight Script.”

“Gawker Media has made a business of predatory journalism, violating people’s rights to make a buck,” says Tarantino’s lawsuit. “This time, they went too far. Rather than merely publishing a news story reporting that Plaintiff’s screenplay may have been circulating in Hollywood without his permission, Gawker Media crossed the journalistic line by promoting itself to the public as the first source to read the entire Screenplay illegally.