Reliably Liberal Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers Ready to Take Over NBC Late Night

Reliably Liberal Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers Ready to Take Over NBC Late Night

With Jimmy Fallon leaving NBC’s Late Night to take over The Tonight Show from Jay Leno on February 17 and former Saturday Night Live star Seth Meyers filling Fallon’s shoes at Late Night, one thing is certain, audiences will get hosts that are typically, reliably liberal.

One of the things that has marked Jay Leno’s last few years is that he’s been one of the few comedians willing to slam the Obama Administration when it deserves a comedic jab to the ribs. One can only hope that Fallon will be as willing to slam Obama when it is warranted, but it is easy to doubt he will.

Fallon has played the slavish host to Obama many times on his late night NBC show, rarely showing much interest in taking those jabs at the President.

The soon-to-be former Late Night host has given viewers many examples of prosaic leftism. One of his worst actions was to introduce Michele Bachmann, GOP Congresswoman and one-time candidate for the Republican nomination for President, with house band The Roots playing a song titled “Lyin’ Ass Bitch.” He later apologized for the tasteless choice of music.

In 2012’s presidential election, Fallon gave his show over to President Obama and First Lady Michelle to “slow jam the news” several times while not offering that same platform to GOP nominee Mitt Romney until long after the race was over. He also gave NBC News’s Brian Williams a spot on a “slow jamming” bit during the election, and Williams unsurprisingly slammed Republicans and praised Obama during his bit.

In fact, Fallon was so thrilled to be a shill for the Obamas, he even gushed about it in an appearance on NBC’s morning show, Today.

Fallon also lent his show as a platform for Yoko Ono to push her anti-fracking campaign. Her song called the planet “Mother Earth” and featured such lyrics yelled shrilly by Ono as, “don’t frack my mother.”

Later, after the Ono appearance, New York authorities began an investigation of anti-fracking groups including Ono.

Seth Meyers is no less liberal. In an interview with GQ magazine in January of 2013, Meyers, the head writer at Saturday Night Live since 2005, proclaimed that Hillary Clinton is “getting sexier every year.”

During the 2012 election, Meyers praised Obama and said that Romney and his children were fair game for attack.

In another interview, he expressed his glee about the 2012 GOP candidates for president because they were all so “silly.”

Meyers also admitted that SNL is nicer to Democrats than it is to Republicans.


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