Barbara Walters Literally Kisses Up to Joe Biden, Calls Him 'Superb' VP

Barbara Walters Literally Kisses Up to Joe Biden, Calls Him 'Superb' VP

Is it MSNBC or The View?

Hard to tell today as The View’s own Barbara Walters literally and figuratively kissed up to Vice President Joe Biden during his appearance on the show. Walters welcomed Biden by declaring there’s not “much doubt that you’re a superb Vice President.”

Biden, the gracious guest, brought gifts for the show’s hosts which led to this awkward exchange.

Is one allowed to kiss a Vice President?” Biden enthused, “Oh, I’d love that.” The audience whooped it up as the two shared an embrace. Walters then touched his cheek and insisted, “I don’t want you to come home to Jill with my lipstick.

Walters suddenly remembered she once broke the glass ceiling for female journalists and asked a tough but fair question about ObamaCare to kick off the interview.

WALTERS: So, I want to start, of course, with — not of course but ObamaCare which has been the most controversial aspect of the President’s program since he was in office. There are glitches. People lost their current plans and doctors and a recent congressional report found that ObamaCare will cause more than two million Americans to quit their jobs or cut their hours. Is it a job killer, ObamaCare?

The other View hosts soon helped Biden trot out the standard Obama talking points on the flailing health care reform, returning the show to its MSNBC-like veneer.


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