Alicia Silverstone Parenting Book: No Vaccinations!

Alicia Silverstone Parenting Book: No Vaccinations!

Hollywood star Alicia Silverstone, most famous for her role in 1995’s Clueless, has now released a parenting book, titled The Kind Mama. In it, she dispenses advice on how to raise children; her own son, Bear, turned 3 years old in May. Her advice, which apparently does not include any criticism of giving children names that will result in playground mockery, does include an entire section ripping vaccination. She says she has never given Bear “a drop of medicine,” and says he is healthy because she feeds him along vegan lines.

She writes:

Of course, he’s never been sick-sick – just feeling a little off from time to time, maybe with a stuffy nose – but then it passes. Because his body is a super-clean, healthy machine, it can defend itself against and flush out all the nasty stuff much more quickly than a baby whose diet isn’t as kind.

She then continues:

While there has not been a conclusive study of the negative effects of such a rigorous one-size-fits-all, shoot-’em-up schedule, there is increasing anecdotal evidence from doctors who have gotten distressed phone calls from parents claiming their child was ‘never the same’ after receiving a vaccine. And I personally have friends whose babies were drastically affected in this way.

Vaccinations absolutely work, and have dramatically decreased rates of childhood diseases. According to UNICEF, hundreds of thousands of cases of diseases like pneumococcal disease could be easily prevented by vaccination. Meanwhile, diseases that were once eliminated, including whooping cough, have made a comeback in the United States thanks to disinformation campaigns like Silverstone’s.

She also says that parents should sleep alongside their children in bed (doctors warn against parents doing so thanks to risk of smothering children), states that women with infertility should stay away from sugar and tampons, and urges parents to let their children poop in the backyard.