'Frozen' Rules Music Charts While Pop Star Sales Slump

'Frozen' Rules Music Charts While Pop Star Sales Slump

Music consumers can’t let Frozen go, but they’re giving a chilly reception to the rest of the pop music landscape.

The Disney film’s soundtrack continues to rack up hearty sales, but that can’t disguise the fact that overall numbers are down dramatically at the moment.

With very little new product, and nothing at all from name acts. the pop sales of CDs last week was dismal. The top 10 sold a total of around 320,000 copies- and a third of those were “Frozen” soundtracks. The rest was pretty much a loss, with everything from number 20 down selling fewer than 10,000 copies each- all the way to number 50, by some act called Schoolboy Q. They sold 5,545 copies- that’s not enough to buy lunch at their school.

Meanwhile, a cryptic tweet from Adele, the young singer with luminous pipes, shook the social media landscape this week.