'Kodiak' Series Shows Truth About Bear Hunting

'Kodiak' Series Shows Truth About Bear Hunting

A new series on The Discovery Channel will show why bear hunting is more than just a sport.

Filmed on Alaska’s Kodiak Island, Kodiak will not only give viewers a glimpse into a world where bear hunting is a way of life, but it will also demonstrate the biological and scientific rationale behind controlling the population of “the largest land carnivore on the planet: the Kodiak brown bear,” according to a Discovery Channel press release.

The series “chronicles the lives of the Mays, the Hollands, and the Cusacks,” who are “three multi-generational families risking it all to make a living” on Alaska’s unforgiving Kodiak Island–a place where simply surviving is a struggle for “even the most experienced outdoorsmen.” 

These families “subsist on what the island and surrounding seas provide,” and they come together “each fall to run Bob May’s remote hunting and fishing lodge.” 

Denise Contis, Discovery Channel’s executive vice president of production and development, believes their other programs about Alaska–Gold Rush, Yukon Men, Alaska: The Last Frontier, and Flying Wild Alaska–have set the stage for Kodiak‘s look into “one of the most dangerous and isolated places on earth.” She added that the Discovery Channel is “excited to introduce … viewers to the legendary forests and waters of Kodiak Island.”

The new series debuts at 10 p.m. EST May 14 on The Discovery Channel.

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