Adam Carolla KO's NPR for Hit Job Interview

Adam Carolla KO's NPR for Hit Job Interview

Adam Carolla isn’t technically a conservative, but every week he learns firsthand the systemic attacks conservatives face for having a different view than most reporters.

The latest example? A New York-based NPR host attempted to paint the podcast king as a racist by throwing jokes told on his show back at him. When Carolla swatted away the hit NPR spiked the interview.

That could have been the end of it. Instead, Carolla recounted the story via his popular podcast. Now, millions of listeners have a better understanding of how the media only want to tell one side of a given story despite declarations for free speech.

Carolla decided to appear on NPR to talk up his new book President Me. The interview took place in New York City–Carolla is based in California. During the interview, NPR host Brian Lehrer played a clip from Carolla’s podcast featuring a man affecting a stereotypically Asian voice and asked Carolla for his reaction.

The podcaster told Lerner that the comedian making the comments, Jo Koy, was Asian American himself. Carolla told Lehrer it felt like he was trying to paint him as a racist with the audio clip, but the attempt failed for obvious reasons.

The rest of the interview went amicably, Carolla recalls, and that appeared to be the end of it. Except NPR has yet to air the interview even though the book hit stores roughly a month ago.

What happened?

Team Carolla was first told an NPR pledge drive was to blame for the delay. Later, they were told the interview would not be airing.

Why? Could it be that the host tried to ambush Carolla, and when that mission failed they had no impetus to share the comic’s views, help him publicize the book and show what how their hit job failed? Carolla roared against the NPR outlet and the wider implications.

Understand people, this is the time that we’re living in. You go on a show, they get caught trying to burn you and then they don’t have the courage to play it. And it’s a group that never stops beating the ‘truth is for all’ drum. But, alright, they’re all fucking hypocrites….

So, say whatever you want, do whatever you want, everyone should do whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want to do it, as long as you agree with everything they say. And then, it’s fine. If you disagree with what they say, now you have to shut up, and moreover, we’ll never play your words. It wasn’t a big argument, there was a back and forth, but they got caught trying to do the kind of journalism that we talk about that is getting more and more popular now. The gotcha journalism…

I’m just saying, speech is free and let the truth set you free, unless you disagree with them and if you disagree with them, then you will be snuffed out and stifled. I find that somewhat hypocritical from a group that one of their planks in their platform is let everybody express themselves and no opinion is bad and every opinion is valid. There’s no, you know, you couldn’t even go on there and say, ‘Oh, fuck al Qaeda. I don’t trust those people.’ They go, ‘Well now, slow down. There is alternative view points.’ There is alternative view points on everything as long as you agree with them. And if you disagree with them, then you won’t get played.


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