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Jon Stewart Says NFL 'F*ked Up' over Ray Rice Video

Jon Stewart Says NFL 'F*ked Up' over Ray Rice Video

Jon Stewart isn’t buying the NFL’s story that they never laid eyes on the Ray Rice domestic violence video until it was released by TMZ last week.

An AP source reported that New Jersey law enforcement sent the video to the NFL for review in April

On Wednesday night’s episode of the Daily Show, Stewart dedicated a portion of his segment to the alleged cover-up that brought Rice’s football career to an end. 

“You done f*cked up,” Stewart told the NFL. “So you had the tape, and you want us to believe that you did not look at it? Well I think we’re all pretty aware of the NFL’s obsessive-compulsive tape-watching addictions. For God’s sake, you get 24 angles in high-def slow motion just to see whether a man’s knee goes over an imaginary line before his hand crosses a different imaginary line.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell urged that the league was never “granted that opportunity” but hinted that Rice had an opportunity to play ball again in the future.


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