Buzzfeed:5 Reasons to See Breitbart’s Sonnie Johnson Speak on Campus

Buzzfeed:5 Reasons to See Breitbart’s Sonnie Johnson Speak on Campus

Buzzfeed shared a list of reasons why it’s important to watch Breitbart News Network’s Sonnie Johnson speak at George Washington University on behalf of Young America’s Foundation, which is a conservative group that advocates for traditional values, a strong national defense, and individual freedom.

Johnson is a Tea Party activist, national motivational speaker, and founder of a media platform that provides conservative commentary relevant to our culture called “Did She Say That.”

“This is the first event where I’m not coming in under the guise of black outreach. I’ve been invited to just be me; a young, black conservative that loves Hip Hop, limited government, and economic independence. I can feel the game changing,” said Johnson, regarding her Oct. 21 appearance. 

A message from Buzzfeed:

1. She’s a Black Conservative

5 Reasons To See Sonnie Johnson Speak At GW

Johnson joins other prominent black conservatives like Dr. Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Sen. Tim Scott, R-SC, and Star Parker, who believe that education and hard work are the best vehicles for lifting individuals out of poverty and benefiting the black community.

2. She references hip hop lyrics in all of her lectures

5 Reasons To See Sonnie Johnson Speak At GW

In a recent interview with FrontPage Magazine, Johnson said that in her first political speech she “did a comparison between Jay-Z and Ronald Reagan.”

“I took quotes straight from Reagan and mirrored them to lyrics by Jay-Z. I thought I was nailing my political coffin, but I wanted people to see we are saying the same thing.”

During her lectures, Johnson often uses what she calls “Sonnie-isms” to blend conservatism and hip-hop: Created equal does not mean equal results. Because I can’t flow like Jay-Z doesn’t make it Jay-Z’s fault.

3. She raps

While speaking at a conference this past March, Johnson entertained her audience with an original rap describing her personal journey and conversion to Christianity.

4. She developed her own acronym: WHWD

She developed her own acronym: WHWD

What He, the Hood, Hip-Hop and History would do?

5. She’s not afraid to point out her own party’s faults

5 Reasons To See Sonnie Johnson Speak At GW

After conservatives criticized Al Sharpton for intervening in the riots in Ferguson, Mo., Johnson wrote a column in Breitbart to set the record straight.

“First, we complain when he shows up, but we fail to acknowledge he was asked to attend,” wrote Johnson.

“Second, he sits and counsels the family. I won’t put Reverend in front of Sharpton’s name, but I recognize others view him as an honest man of the cloth. Prayer is prayer. In times of grief, all prayer is welcome; a special bond is formed in worship.”


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