Tori Spelling Quarantined at Cedars Sinai Hospital, Doctors Suspect Enterovirus

Tori Spelling Quarantined at Cedars Sinai Hospital, Doctors Suspect Enterovirus

Tori Spelling has reportedly been quarantined at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, and doctors believe the actress may have contracted Enterovirus D68, a source told The Daily Mail. 

The 41-year-old actress was reportedly suffering from respiratory problems and a persistent cough, both symptoms of the highly contagious virus, and was rushed to the hospital, where she was isolated from other patients. 

From The Daily Mail:

Tori was not only admitted to the hospital, she was put under quarantine and neither Dean nor the children are allowed anywhere near her for fear she may have contracted the contagious non-polio Enterovirus.

She’s had a cough and low grade fever for more than a week now, but refused to see a doctor. She’s been filming her show, and she and Dean worked hard on a birthday bash last weekend for their daughter Hattie, so Tori wasn’t about to call off the party because she didn’t feel well.

Tori has been feeling sick for at least a week. She was coughing and complained of being short – winded. She had a fever, but when it skyrocketed past 101 this weekend, Dean insisted she go to the Emergency Room where doctors quickly admitted her.

There is an outbreak of the Enterovirus virus in 46 states, California included, and an estimated 800 cases have been identified. There have been seven reported deaths, one in Rhode Island and one in New Jersey. 

Early symptoms of ED-D68 include a fever, sneezing, and difficulty breathing. There is currently no vaccine for ED-D68 and, although most patients recover, it sometimes requires hospitalization.

The virus is reportedly uncommon, but researchers can’t explain why it’s become so prevalent this year. Experts say the virus spreads through bodily contact, and doctors recommend washing hands and disinfecting surfaces regularly. 


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