Taylor Swift on Lena Dunham: ‘She’s So Empowering’

Taylor Swift on Lena Dunham: ‘She’s So Empowering’

Taylor Swift told David Letterman that Lena Dunham is an empowering woman.

It seems that America’s sweetheart, country pop star Taylor Swift, is the latest casualty in the crusade of Lena Dunham and her feminist propaganda.

“She’s so empowering,” the singer-songwriter said to Letterman.

During the interview, Swift explained how Dunham sought her out on Twitter a few months ago, sent her a private message, and told her it was imperative that they meet. 

“She direct messaged me, and she said ‘We need to be best friends. I feel like you’ve been my best friend in my head for months and almost years now. So, I need to see you in person; then I will lavish you with compliments in person,'” Swift explained.

Breitbart News reported on this in August, when the Guardian released the exclusive interview in which Swift said Dunham put feminist ideologies into perspective for her – so much so that, prior to their meeting, she had no idea she was a feminist, too.

“Becoming friends with Lena — without her preaching to me, but just seeing why she believes what she believes, why she says what she says, why she stands for what she stands for — has made me realize that I’ve been taking a feminist stance without actually saying so,” she explained to the publication.

From the way she dresses to the words that come out of her mouth, Dunham is apparently on a mission to save the dying feminist movement. If Dunham is enlisting independent and successful women like Taylor Swift into her Army of the supposedly oppressed, what other strings is she pulling in pop culture?

We’ve seen and heard about the new author’s loud and hypocritical stance on certain issues and her perceived feminism for the past several months, as she’s been traveling around the world promoting her new memoir, which even she says only offers her “limited knowledge” as a role model. There’s a problem, though.

Dunham claims she wants to protect the female body. She insists that politicians don’t know what’s best for women, but she does. If she cares as much as she professes, why hasn’t she done anything to keep her alleged rapist from striking again? Why does she do everything in her power to set a poor example for women everywhere?

News flash Lena Dunham: There are problems with your feminist agenda. As human beings, we should strive to take personal responsibility for our actions, and under no circumstance is it acceptable to use a label as a cop out. 

Not all women are victims. In fact, in today’s society we are being offered remarkable career opportunities in the corporate world and even in the United States military. The struggle against the oppression of women in this country is diminishing. 

When you use your status to cry wolf and crusade against causes that are, at best, exaggerated, you only diminish those causes for women who are actually struggling. 

If you want to empower women, make sure they know they can reach their goals by being independent and hardworking, not by labeling themselves as feminists or by blaming others. 


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