Donald Sutherland Compares Jennifer Lawrence to Jesus Christ

Donald Sutherland Compares Jennifer Lawrence to Jesus Christ

There is no denying that Jennifer Lawrence is an entertainment force with which to be reckoned, but there may be more than meets the eye.

Recently, one of Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games costars suggested that Lawrence has a few Christ-like attributes.

“When I worked with her, I realized the child was a genius,” Donald Sutherland said at Monday’s premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. “She’s the right person at the right time in the sense of Joan of Arc or Jesus Christ, any genius, in that sense.”

Sutherland continued to sing praises for Lawrence, and went on to discuss how incredibly genuine and down-to-earth she is. What you see is what you get, according to Sutherland.

“She has the ability as an actor to tell the truth out of the material and that truth is immediately recognizable with everybody because it hits you in your heart, your solar plexus and your mind,” he told E! News, via Moviefone. “And she has the genius of person to be not affected by all of this. She’s just a real girl.”

Other celebrities who have invoked Jesus in their work:

Chris Brown once posted a painting in which he crafted himself and captioned it: “Painting the way I feel today. Focus on what matters!” 

Kanye West’s infamous 2006 Rolling Stone cover entitled “The Passion of Kanye West.”

The Game’s 2012 Jesus Piece album cover shows a dark-skinned Jesus Christ wearing a Jesus medallion.

Kanye West reportedly contributed to this artistry, too. 

Nicki Minaj opened her “Freedom” track with the lyrics: “They never thank me for opening doors, but they ain’t even thank Jesus when he died on the cross.”

Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman Jared Leto posed with a Jesus look-alike ahead of Easter this past year. Leto said: “Jesus and I.”

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