Gosnell Movie: Crowdfunding Reopens for Film About Abortion Doctor Suspected of Mass Murders

Gosnell Movie: Crowdfunding Reopens for Film About Abortion Doctor Suspected of Mass Murders

Popular crowdfunding website Indiegogo has officially announced that users will have a second chance to donate to the production of the crime drama Gosnell.

Gosnell, a film about former Philadelphia abortion doctor and convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell, previously raised $2.2 million and was the most successful movie ever on the platform. 

The announcement that Indiegogo has launched a new pilot program, titled “Forever Funding,” means that the high-profile film, which was denied a chance at funding by Kickstarter, could again collect donations. 

Co-producer of the film Phelim McAleer said:

We first tried to launch the Gosnell movie on a rival website Kickstarter but they wouldn’t let us tell the truth about Gosnell’s crimes because it would offend their “community standards.”

We are so pleased that we went with Indiegogo who have truly embraced diversity of opinion and freedom of speech. We are so looking forward to this campaign again becoming a success on their platform.

“Forever Funding” will allow previously successful and high profile campaigns to reopen for donations indefinitely. 

The film’s producer, Ann McElhinney, said her team is very excited that people will again have a chance to contribute to the project:

After the campaign first closed we had a lot people telling us that they missed it the first time and sending us checks. We also heard from previous donors who wanted to give again – now that Indiegogo have allowed us to re-open the project it means they can all donate with just a few clicks.

It’s a huge boost to the movie – more donations, means more shooting days, better actors, higher production values, it’ll mean a better movie. It will also mean we will be able to get Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s story out to a wider audience.

Gosnell, who ran an abortion clinic in Philadelphia, is suspected of killing hundreds, or possibly thousands of babies over a forty-year period. 

A jury found that he was responsible for killing babies born alive during abortion procedures by sticking scissors into their necks and cutting their spinal cords, a practice he called “snipping.”

Gosnell, who is currently serving life in prison without the possibility of parole, was reportedly charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of a female patient who overdosed on pain killers and sedatives under his care in 2009.

Gosnell’s trial and conviction was a hot button controversy and went largely unreported by the media. Some speculated liberal journalists refused to cover the story in order to avoid casting the abortion industry in a negative light. 

A spokesperson for Indiegogo broke the news that they were allowing some projects to reopen their campaigns, citing the company’s mission “to democratize funding.”


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