Judd Apatow Compares Sony Email Hack To J-Law Nudes

Judd Apatow Compares Sony Email Hack To J-Law Nudes

Judd Apatow took to Twitter this week to compare the current Sony hacking scandal to the nude photo scandal that shook Hollywood in late August, reports EOnline. 

Apatow weighed in on the current hack on Twitter: 

Releasing private Sony e mails to hurt people is the same as releasing nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence. Why are they ok to print.

Both are theft and can hurt people. Why is it ok to publish stolen private files? Things are either private & it’s theft to steal and release them or they are not. Whether it is a photo of my dick or email. 

In an unprecedented privacy breach this summer, more than 100 celebrity females had private images stolen from their iPhone photo albums, which were later leaked to the public by an anonymous hacker.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence was one of the primary targets in the hack, which she later referred to as a “sex crime.” 

A fan then asked the director, “Did someone steal your dick pics?!” to which he replied, “Yes but they refuse to publish them. Bad angle?” 

Apatow is among victims of the attack, having had his social security number released to the public. 


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