WATCH: Man Substitutes Guns for Cups in ‘Pitch Perfect’ Parody Routine


In the 2012 movie Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendrick performs a song using a single plastic cup as a percussion instrument. The song, like the film, became an instant hit, landing at #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and cementing the film’s status as a cult favorite.

Now, a member of a Tennessee band has used the song as inspiration for his latest video, in which he performs a similar percussion routine. Except this time, instead of cups, Amber’s Drive band member Jim Huish used guns and live ammunition.

“Jim Huish performed The Cup Song on a ridiculously cold Utah winter day,” the video description reads. “Aside from the difficulty of manipulating the guns with frozen fingers, the guns were malfunctioning because of the cold as well.”

“Jim burned through a fair bit of ammo and battled through some tough conditions to pull it off,” the description adds. “In the end he came up with a rendition that any Pitch Perfect fan, Amber’s Drive fan, or gun nut would be proud of.”

According to Huish, the guns he used in the video were an AR15, AK47 (AK74), a CZ75, and a Walther P22. At first, Huish uses a table to load and unload the gun, using the clicking sounds and the sounds of bullets firing to create his beat. Huish then takes up the rifles, and, with a friend, proceeds to mow down a large number of red plastic cups.

Huish is hardly the only person to take inspiration from the original Cups sequence in Pitch Perfect; as the New York Daily News notes, in September, Miss New York, Kira Kasantsev, used the idea in an infamous Miss America performance, beating out all other contestants to win the crown.

For comparison, check out Anna Kendrick’s original version from the film Pitch Perfect below: