Watch: Bill Cosby Called ‘Rapist’ by Heckler at Live Performance

AP Photo/Jeff Daly
AP Photo/Jeff Daly

Comedian Bill Cosby made his return to stand-up this week in Canada, where he stunned a crowd by making light of the allegations that he drugged and sexually assaulted more than 20 women over the course of his career, and at one point during the show, he was called a “rapist” by a heckler.

During the London, Ontario performance, a man in the audience began yelling, “You are a rapist,” as originally reported by Blackburn News’ Ashton Patis. Video footage of the exchange between Cosby and the audience member has now surfaced.

After the man continually taunted Cosby, he was escorted out by security, which drew a loud reaction from the crowd. Cosby attempted to calm his fans, saying, “Stop it, stop it, stop it… That’s right, no clapping, nothing, its alright. Okay, we just have patience.”

Watch: Bill Cosby called “rapist” at live performance, courtesy of TMZ.


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