Exclusive – Johnny Carson Returns

Long ago late at night, before Jay, Dave and the Jimmys, there was Johnny, a droll comedian out of Nebraska. A demographer’s dream, he evoked the viewer’s father, husband, son, or funny uncle.


Comedian Russell Peters: Trevor Noah is a Joke Thief

Daily Show successor Trevor Noah has been scrutinized for his joke choices since an announcement he would take over for Jon Stewart later this year, but now he is being accused of stealing his material, altogether. Channel NewsAsia recently sat


Watch: Bill Cosby Called ‘Rapist’ by Heckler at Live Performance

Comedian Bill Cosby made his return to stand-up this week in Canada, where he stunned a crowd by making light of the allegations that he drugged and sexually assaulted more than 20 women over the course of his career, and at one point during the show, he was called a “rapist” by a heckler.

AP Photo/Jeff Daly