Stephen Colbert on Lent, Favorite Bible Verses, and What He’d Ask Pope Francis

The Colbert Report/Comedy Central
The Colbert Report/Comedy Central

Former Colbert Report host and soon-to-be Late Show captain Stephen Colbert sat down — or rather, stood up — with Father James Martin of American Media for an interview about his “Catholic smarts.” The interview posted online Monday.

Among the topics of discussion: what he’ll be giving up for Lent (“a lot of times I’ll give up meat or booze, but it’s Mardi Gras today, and I haven’t figured it out yet,”), his favorite Saint (“Saint Peter, because he’s so flawed”,) and what he’d ask Pope Francis if he could ask him one question (“What do you do to get that smile on your face in the morning? He would probably say ‘prayer.'”)

Colbert also related some of his favorite Bible verses verbatim (to an impressed-looking Father Martin) and revealed that he doesn’t like some of the hymns from the 60’s (although he does a spectacular job singing and dancing to them.)

Colbert is set to take over David Letterman’s slot as host of CBS’ The Late Show on September 8.

Check out the full interview above.


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