Michael Moore: ‘Disarm Police,’ Release African-Americans Imprisoned For ‘Nonviolent Offenses’


On April 30, Micheal Moore tweeted his “demand” that police be disarmed and “every African-American currently incarcerated for…nonviolent offenses [be] released from prison today.”

Moore did this through a series of three tweets, in which he lamented what he sees as America’s mistreatment of black citizens.

In the first tweet, sent at 3:16 a.m., Moore wrote: “Imprison u, shoot u, sever your spine, crush your larynx, send u to war, keep u poor, call u a thug, not let u vote. But u can sing for us.”

In the second tweet, sent at 4:03 a.m, he wrote, “Here’s my demand: I want every African-American currently incarcerated for drug ‘crimes’ or nonviolent offenses released from prison today.”

In the final tweet, sent at 5:05 a.m, Moore added, “Next demand: Disarm the police. We have a 1/4 billion 2nd amendment guns in our homes 4 protection. We’ll survive til the right cops r hired.”

Moore’s tweets come after days of rioting in Baltimore ubiquitously in response to the April 19 death of Freddy Gray. Gray was arrested by police on April 12 and died with a spinal injury on April 19.

On April 22 The Atlantic reported that no evidence of police brutality against Gray had been presented. And on April 29 The Washington Post reported that another prisoner who was riding in the police van in which Gray was placed claims to have heard Gray “trying to injure himself”  in transport by banging himself against the sides of the van.

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