Nip/Tuck’s Kelly Carlson: Punish The Criminal Not The Gun


On July 15 Nip/Tuck actress Kelly Carlson said she owns a firearm for self-defense and that she was raised in a family that believed laws should punish criminals rather than guns.

Carlson told Fox & Friends that she “bought a gun because she was under extreme duress from” a series of stalkers, some of whom had actually been able to get to her. She talked of one in particular who “ambushed” her while she was in her car.

She described the relentless stalking as “psychological warfare” that eventually created a mindset where she was “walking into [her] home expecting an ambush.”

So she purchased a gun.

Carlson discussed how she had been affected by an attack on her uncle Jimmy, who was “murdered point blank” years ago. She said that attack did not make her fearful, rather, it stirred an opposition against “gun grabbing” and gun control.

Carlson said: “[In wake of Jimmy’s death] never once did my family even consider promoting stricter gun laws…We went after the criminal, we didn’t put the gun in jail.” She said she then “turned to the NRA” for information and guidance on how to use a gun responsibility.

Asked how others in Hollywood have reacted to her pro-gun stance Carlson said: “I don’t care.”

Carlson will be featured on NRA All Access July 15 on the Outdoor Channel at 7 pm EST.

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