Report: Drugs Used to Kill Jim Carrey’s Girlfriend Were Prescribed to Carrey Alias

Jim Carrey Reuters

Comedian Jim Carrey’s former girlfriend Cathriona White took her own life possibly using a cocktail of three drugs that were prescribed to Carrey under an alias, according to TMZ.

White was found dead of a suspected suicide Monday night inside her Sherman Oaks home by five friends who had stopped by to check on her after she called them saying Carrey had suddenly ended their relationship.

The friends called police, who found the White alongside a suicide note that had Carrey’s name written in it.

TMZ is reporting White’s body was discovered in close proximity to numerous drugs, including the sleep aid Ambien, the painkiller Percocet and the blood pressure drug Propranolol.

Law enforcement sources confirmed to TMZ all three prescriptions were written by the same doctor, and all were written for Carrey under an alias, which is a common practice for Hollywood stars seeking privacy.

Other sources tells the site a witness has claimed the 30-year-old may have taken the drugs from Carrey’s house, and authorities would like to interview Carrey over the matter.

White is believed to have died from an overdose; however, it will be some time before toxicology results are able to determine which drugs were used.

White was involved with the Church of Scientology, and was taking classes at the group’s Hollywood Celebrity Centre, blogger Tony Ortega reported this week.

Ortega also reported Carrey was dismissive of her involvement with Scientology.

E! News reported on Friday Carrey has been in contact with White’s family and is offering his financial assistance.

“He is paying for her body to be flown back to Ireland and is putting up her family at a hotel in Los Angeles. He is shocked and devastated. He loved her very much. He wants to do whatever he can to help them through this difficult time,” a source told the site.


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