Wanna-Be Playboy Mansion Offers ‘Free Life Coaching’ for Hot, Young Women

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A couple who have been described as “Kardashian wannabes” have gained a great deal of media attention for their lavish, Playboy-like parties at a rented mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

It’s the not the over-the-top parties where sushi is served on the bare bodies of women and a caged “movie star lion” greets guests in front of the $40,000-a-month property. The real attention-getter is the fact that this scantily-clad couple hosts young women, free of charge, at their 10-bedroom home where Bastian Yotta teaches them the Yotta life philosophy, which is to “live life to its fullest.”

He and his wife Maria reportedly earn their fortune providing self-help and weight-loss advice on their website.

“But we are more than hot bikini babes — In the Yotta Life Mansion, Girls [are] raising to a higher level of life with our free life coaching,” Bastian said in a recent interview, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

On his Instagram page, he shares little sparks of this life advice through long posts that relay his own philosophy on how to live life openly, the #Yotta way:

When you wake up from a dream state, traveling deep within the layers of subconciousness, you are free from the confines and stressors of the world. You are at a yotta state of mind. You bring that innocence and freedom from the subconscious state to the conscious being. Imagine when we dress as superheroes, we evoke an imaginary state of superbeing. In actuality, the reality is we are the superheroes for who we are inside to the outside. We want to insipire the supermen and wonderwomen outthere. Take your cape. Take your magic sword. Awaken the superheroe within and let’s conquer the world. We need more superheroes and less victims in the world then we have the power to make the world a better place. #yottalife will not rescue the world but shows the world how to rescue itself.

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The Yottas can be found sporting their Superman and Superwoman costumes almost daily. In a post last week, a video seeks to inspire their followers to find and draw out their own superhero:

Bastian was at one point “poor, fat and unhappy. My life was my enemy,” he wrote in an Instagram post. But then he turned his life around. “Today I am living exactly the life I was dreaming years ago. I call it my yotta life.”

His wife Maria also posts her own tidbits of life advice. In a recent post she wrote, “Never forget to say ‘thank you’ for the gifts of life. And the biggest gift is to be alive. Because every day you are alive is a chance to raise to a higher level. Good Night. ” She added a footnote: “PS: Spiderman is a real gentleman not starring [sic] at my booty.” The image posted has Bastian dressed in a spiderman costume with a mask on and Maria sporting booty shorts.

Complaints about the parties from neighbors are in no short supply. Yet, when Steven Lopez of the Los Angeles Times spoke with the home’s developer, Danny Fitzgerald, to see what he had to say about his critics, he called them a “group of vigilantes.. with nothing better to do.” They should “go to Palmdale where they belong,” he told Lopez.  “Get out of Hollywood,” he repeated. “They don’t belong there…. [Blank] those people. I don’t care about them.”

Young women who are interested in occupying one of the 10 bedrooms the Yottas are offering can merely reply with “yotta” on the following Instagram post. Depending on how hot the Yottas think you look, you could be the next member of the Yotta Life graduating class:

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