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Oscar-Winning Director Oliver Stone Accused of Sexual Assault

As more and more women step forward to give public testimony about their alleged abuse at the hands of Hollywood power — Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck, Amazon Studios chief Roy Price — more and more women are coming out about their alleged abuse at the hands of Hollywood power.

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Nolte: Playboy’s Hugh Hefner Liberated Us Straight Into Hell

My highest political value, the one that informs everything from my vote to my political activism, is individual liberty. An ideal America is one where every consenting adult is allowed to live their life in whatever way they choose. As long as you do not touch the tip of my nose, feel free to swing your fists however you like.


Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner Dies at 91

Playboy founder Hugh M. Hefner, the pipe-smoking hedonist who revved up the sexual revolution in the 1950s and built a multimedia empire of clubs, mansions, movies and television, symbolized by bow-tied women in bunny costumes, has died at age 91.

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Soft Core Fake News: Playboy Mag Rushes to CNN’s Defense in White House Briefing

The White House correspondent for Playboy Magazine—an adult entertainment publication—sprung up during Tuesday’s White House briefing to airbrush the embattled CNN’s reputation as the very fake news scandal embroiling the network received harsh treatment from Deputy White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

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Today Producer Suspends Billy Bush Despite Own Past Sexual Comments

Noah Oppenheim, executive producer of NBC’s Today show, suspended Billy Bush from the program on Sunday for his involvement in a sexually explicit conversation with Donald Trump eleven years ago. However, by that standard, perhaps Oppenheim should suspend himself.

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Hugh Hefner Declares Victory in Sexual War Against Republicans

Hugh Hefner, the founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy, has penned an essay in the magazine’s latest (nude-free) issue, declaring victory over conservative Republicans in the decades-long struggle since the sexual revolution began in the 1960s.

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Judge Says ‘No’ to Legalizing Prostitution in California

A Bay Area judge upheld California’s 144-year-old ban on prostitution on Thursday, ruling against three former prostitutes, a would-be client, and the Erotic Service Provider Legal, Education & Research Project.

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Playboy Explores $500 Million Sale

Playboy Enterprises Inc. is reportedly exploring a sale that could be worth as much as half a billion dollars.

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Playboy Magazine to Stop Publishing Photos of Nude Women

After years of declining circulation, partially brought on by the very cultural changes it helped to enact over six decades, Playboy magazine will soon put out its most controversial issue since 1953; an issue with no nude women.

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Teen’s Playboy Birthday Bash Ends in Dad’s Arrest

Teens brandishing lingerie and silk robes boozed it up for a Playboy Mansion-themed birthday bash under what appears to be the not-so-watchful eye of 18-year-old birthday girl Olivia Lake’s father Jeff Lake and other adults in Poway, California Friday night. Mr. Lake was reportedly arrested when neighbors’ complaints led San Diego County sheriff’s deputies to put an end to the party.